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Here’s a round-up of women’s news that made it to the headlines. Did we miss something? Let us know through your comments.

A dozen women in India die following a sterilization campaign

At least 13 women in India have died following sterilization operations in India’s central state, Chattisgarh. The antibiotics handed out to the women following the operation have been found to contain a chemical similar to that used in rat poison. Read more here.

Scrapping the “Purdah” system

Mulayam Singh, a political leader in India’s northern state, Uttar Pradesh, has demanded that the “purdah” or the veil system for women be scrapped. He said that the idea of women covering their heads was previously not a part of Indian tradition. Read more here.

14 million under slavery

A new report called the Global Slavery Index says that more than 14 million people in India are in the clutches of modern slavery. This includes men, women and children who are recruited for sewing footballs, cleaning and similar odd jobs. Read more here.

A new threat for Afghan women

After the assasination attempt on Afghan politician Shukria Barakzai, women politicians in Afghanistan are worried that they may be a target of attacks by the Taliban. Read more here.


18.11.2014 | 10:05