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Multitasking dad puts on pants while holding baby



A video of a father putting on pants while holding his baby in both hands has gone viral. Many people have shared the video on social media. The identity of the dad has not yet been discovered but he showed an amazing way to put on pants while holding a baby in both hands. And he took only 90 seconds to complete the job!

Many people on the internet have described him as ”Dad of the Year.” After watching the video, British freelance copywriter Will Finch tweeted, ‘‘Impressive skills. I’m on child no. 2, but still so much more to learn.’’ Another father wrote the following:

Radio host Bianca Marcus humbly acknowledged the Dad’s skill. She pointed out an interesting fact. Canada-based Bianca wrote on her blog last Friday that, ‘‘the baby seems less than impressed, but he/she has no idea what kind of skills are at work here. Big ups to dad for creativity and for having a sense of humour!’’ Here are some more reactions to the video:


The dad will surely be an inspiration for many new fathers, especially those who are still struggling to find some time to take care of the baby along with doing other work. The video has been watched more than 1.000.000 times on YouTube since in the first week after it was uploaded.

However, not everyone is equally impressed with the skills on show. YouTube user Pamela Ramírez expressed concern over the safety of the child in the video. She wrote, ‘‘and what if he fell? This is stupid and dangerous.’’ Another Twitter user challenged the father to put on jeans following the same technique.

The video reminds me of the situation of the typical South Asian fathers. Most of them are lazy when it comes to taking care of babies. Amongst other things, they simply cannot stop a baby from crying and cannot even change a diaper. Now this type of video will surely open their eyes. Multitasking is not only something applicable for moms. Dads can do it too.


Author: Arafatul Islam

Editor: Marjory Linardy

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22.01.2015 | 9:24