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Iran’s State Security Council has approved a plan by the sports ministry which would let women and families visit some sports events in the strictly Islamic country. Read other news about women that made it to the headlines here.

Head physician from German hospital in court over rape allegations

The trial of a doctor who allegedly sexually assaulted unconscious female patients has begun in the city of Bamberg. The former surgeon is said to have attacked at least 2 coworkers in addition to the 10 patients.

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Iran eases ban on women visiting sport events

Iran authorities have decided to allow women to attend certain men’s sports matches, deputy sports minister has said. An Iranian-British woman who had protested the law was recently pardoned by a court.

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Amnesty slams Afghanistan’s ‘failure’ to protect women rights defenders

Women human rights defenders in Afghanistan are facing mounting threats of violence and sexual assault, a new AI report found. Despite the gains made over the past decade, laws meant to support them exist on paper only.

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Ayyan Ali: Supermodel in a Pakistani jail

For the last two weeks Adiala jail in Rawalpindi has hosted an unlikely prisoner: 23-year-old Pakistani supermodel Ayyan Ali.

Read more from BBC here.

India’s women get firms’ sparks flying

The BBC’s Samira Hussain reports on the trend in India for women to take over the reins of the family business after training and studying abroad. They include the challenging world of running a restaurant franchise, and the male-dominated business of steel production.

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Indian women cash in online

E-commerce is proving to be an equalizer in the Indian marketplace as women exercise their entrepreneurial spirit. Mallika Kapur reports.

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Blog: My choice – My right or my privilege?

A video on women’s empowerment in India has stirred a debate. What women choose to do is their prerogative, but can they do so without affecting other people’s lives, asks New Delhi-based author Anu Singh Choudhary.

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A Man Named Burger Is Marrying A Woman Named King And Burger King Is Paying For The Whole Thing

Joel Burger and Ashley King are two college sweethearts from New Berlin, Illinois. They’ve known each other since kindergarten.

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