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Escaping anorexia: one woman’s journey

Antonia thought being thin would make her happy, but instead she slipped into a spiral of despair and ended up in hospital. Now she’s through the ordeal and is a role model to thousands worldwide.

Antonia is in her last year of highschool. Just by looking at her you would say she is a healthy, happy 20-year-old. But a couple of years ago things were pretty different. I ‘ve come to Linköping, Sweden to find out what things were like when Antonia was 17. See more here!

Author: Carolina Machhaus, Anna Feist, Jan Bruck



The globalization of ideal Beauty

Female beauty is often defined by the Western fashion elite in  Milan or New York. But more and more German magazines are speaking out  against it. Internationally, there are a multitude of different agendas. (From May 24th, 2012)

God wants beauty pageants

I am not a fan of beauty pageants. The shallowness of the whole concept where perfect looking women strut the stage in bikinis and pretty dresses is absurd- the fact that one of them takes the label of Miss
World or Miss Universe is even more so. (From September 26, 2013)

“Photoshop is a weird concept.”

“Make me beautiful” was the assignment. Esther Honig, a freelance journalist based in Kansas City, sent out an unaltered photo of herself to Photoshop experts around the world and she asked the experts to make her look beautiful according to the beauty standards of the country. Her project Before & After compiles the astounding results that she collected. It went viral on social media last year. WTO Blogger Roma Rajpal Weiß interviewed Honig on her project. (From March 19, 2015)



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