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© Picture-alliance/dpa

© Picture-alliance/dpa

In some countries women have to pretend to be men to be able to work and earn money for the family, or girls have to pretend to be boys to be accepted or even to protect themselves from rape and other form of violence. The post about a mother who pretends to be a man to be able to earn money for her family got a lot of respond from readers this week. Check out here if your comment has been chosen for this week’s Comment of the Week and stay tuned for next week’s edition!


Dee Dot Some jobs don’t pay millions but they are way more rewarding. (Facebook, July 20)

For Four-year-old cancer Patient ‘marries’ favourite nurse after he organises her dream wedding
Tina Schrier He says he’s not sexist but then refers to women only in sexist terms.  Something wrong with the word “woman” in his tiny little universe? (Facebook, July 20)
For 10 Signs she’s a lady and not just a Girl

RB Suvekshya Women can be better than men and tougher than them. No man would have the guts to do something similar for his kids. The world needs to realise women’s value. (Facebook, July 15)

  • Response from Anthony Nosike: Men can do it, it all depends on the men, you know, because I know some good fathers who would do anything for their children. (Facebook, July 18)

Again response from RB Suvekshya Yes, the world does have good and responsible fathers but would men have the courage to disguise as a woman for their kids, for almost half their lives?? (Facebook, July 18)


For Egyptian Woman Pretends To Be A Man For 43 Years To Feed Her Family



Courtney Sill F*** this article. F*** men setting expectations for women’s self worth.  Is this a joke? (Facebook, July 13)
Michelle Sukiennik I didn’t expect DW to post an article such as this. I’m disappointed. I thought we were about empowering women, not going back to the 1950s. (Facebook, July 13)
Claudia ParraCruz True, but how does one survive the situation so the person may not escalate their behavior to toxic or hostility?  (Facebook, July 10)
For a picture from
Pamela Ayers LOL… I know men that put up with constant verbal abuse, cheating and everything – as long as the woman’s attractive. But if looks are the only thing they want, they deserve that treatment.

Editor: Marjory Linardy

Opinion: Sexism is Germany’s hidden secret

Casual sexism has become a hidden part of German culture, says DW’s Kate Brady. She takes a look at the country’s stereotyped gender roles – from Mummy Merkel, to glib dirndl comments, and even gender-specific sausages. (From February 10, 2015)

Salma’s Story: Little Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision

I am amazed, how beautifully Salma managed to be independent and to help her family at such a young age, and at the same time studying her books. Now I am hopeful, whatever actions the police or corrupt politicians will take to oppress women and girls, such courageous girls of our nation will manage to be extraordinary in their own ways. (From May 22, 2015)

Living with an identity crisis – Girls living as Boys in Afghanistan

Sex is, by definition, illegal in Afghanistan: The marriage contract is what finally turns it into a permissible act between husband and wife. Many a time, Afghan women joke about the unfortunate “chore” of being in bed with their husbands. But this “chore” becomes unbearable for women who have spent their entire childhood thinking they were boys. Bacha posh, or girls raised and presented to the world as boys, is a ‘hidden’ Afghan custom. (From March 4, 2015)


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