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Is Barack Obama a better husband than Donald Trump? How do they treat their wives? Another question: what should a woman do if a man harrased her on a public transport? Read our reader’s comments here, and find out if your comments have been chosen.


Is there any special childbirth tradition in your country? (National Geographic, Facebook 23 January)

Desuup Yeshey Choden The mother after giving birth is given home brewed rice alcohol and is normally believed to ease the pain and gain strength (Facebook, 23 January)

Artist Fatima al-Ghoul uses henna to create stunning paintings of Palestinian landscapes. (Facebook January 23)

Maximum Health International Cool post (Facebook, January 23)

The difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump in two videos (Facebook, January 22)

Cyndi Harding Sad, Trump feels he’s too important to wait for his wife. His ego has cost him a few marriages. I wonder how long this beautiful woman will continue to put up with his bull shit? (Facebook, January 22)


Nimfa Estrada Svederus The problem is Obama did not open the door for her, somebody did and all he did was wait for her. Hah! (Facebook, January 22)

Revealed: What really goes into a jar of Nutella (Facebook, January 22)

Daora Concepcion Still taste so good (Facebook, January 22)


Mirjana Trkulja No matter still my favorite spread (Facebook, January 22)


Janice Ansagay Ew (Facebook, January 23)

Women’s March on Washington spreads all over the world (Facebook, January 21)

Joachim Quainoo The march was for a good reason and needs to be supported by people all over the world. No to #racism. Let us come together and fight for human future than fight of color difference.  PEACE @World (Facebook, January 21)

Yes, I am 30 and single but I’d rather reach for my dreams than be respectably ‘married off’ (Facebook, January 21)

Pamela Ayers Why is it even a discussion about if something” is right for a woman”? A woman is a human being and she should make her own decisions, and not have societal pressure about living up to some image or role. (Facebook, January 21)


Star Rose Humm.. i want to get married but still dont find my ideal man, uff .. single is good but married is better! (Facebook, January 21)


Joachim Quainoo Women are expected to marry earlier than men. Yes it is so but is it force to marry? Living up to ones dream is very important. But the fact is don’t age and marry. (Facebook, January 21)

No, I cannot spend my whole life cleaning my house (Facebook, January 20)

Tina Schrier Sadly, somebody has to do it. I vote for husbands. (Facebook, January 20)

Five minutes early is on time; on time is late; late is unacceptable (Facebook, January 20)

Emran Mohammed Then why the time is set? Set it to 5 minutes earlier? Instead of 8AM in the morning set @ 7:55 AM officially. (Facebook, January 20)

Singer stops his concert when he saw a girl in the audience apparently being sexually harassed. ((Facebook, January 19)

Fanny Charmer great. just sad tht it had to be a man telling them to act like human beings. why its never taken into account when it comes from the one concerned? when will the word of a women count as much as one coming from a man for men? (Facebook, January 19)


Inge-Salina Ghafar He is a great guy, may God bless him for that! (Facebook, January 19)

One great way to fend off harassment… (Huffington Post picture, Facebook January 19)

Maria Somalinggi I totaly disagree. that is immoral behaviour, women aren’t to be harassed but should be respected  (Facebook, January 19)

DW Women Talk Online Thank you Maria Somalinggi for your comment. Do you agree that this is “one great way to fend off harassment” like said in the illustration? (Facebook, January 19)

Maria Somalinggi I disagree because the effect is only temporary after that it will happen again (Facebook, January 19)

DW Women Talk Online Maria Somalinggi, what do you suggest women should do if something like this happens to them? (Facebook, January 20)

Maria Somalinggi women must hit the men to protect themselves (Facebook, January 20)


Artist sculpts tiny babies (Facebook, January 19)

Usha Mathur  Beautiful pieces created by very creative artist. So so real (Facebook, January 19)


Author: Brenda Asirvadappan

Editor: Marjory Linardy


24.01.2017 | 15:09