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Copyright: picture-alliance/dpa/Roessler

Copyright: picture-alliance/dpa/Roessler

Tugce Albayrak was punched by a man during a disagreement in November 2014. The 23-year-old student fell to the ground and died several days later of a head injury. Her attacker is now on trial. What did he say on the opening day in cour? Read more here.

Tugce Albayrak’s friend testifies on deadly attack

Tugce Albayrak’s friend has testified on how events on a fateful November night led to her death. The young woman died after being struck by a young man at a fast-food restaurant in the German city of Offenbach. Read more here.

Ameneh Bahrami: was I right to pardon the man who blinded me with acid?

Interview: The Iranian woman who decided at the last moment not to take the sight of the man who disfigured her, explains why her quest for justice is not over. Read more here from The Guardian.

Pregnant women among African migrants trying to cross sea to Europe

It took one Somali woman seven months and 4,000 miles to trek to Libya. From there, she hoped to cross the Mediterranean Sea so her baby could be born in Europe. She didn’t get there. Read more here from CNN.

Russia sentences three women to 15 days jail for ‘twerking’

A court in Russia has sentenced three women to up to 15 days imprisonment on charges of dancing with “twerk” moves in front of a World War II monument. The girls posted the dance video online. Read more here.

Ukraine: No end in sight for the women of Shyrokyne

The ceasefire in Ukraine is not being observed everywhere  and civilians, mostly women, are paying the price. More often than not it is the women who ask – when will this finally end? Frank Hoffman reports from Shyrokyne. Read more here.

Mexico investigates case of wrong girl, Alondra Luna Nunez, sent to US

A 14-year-old Mexican girl taken by police at school and sent to the US in a case of mistaken identity has been reunited with her parents. Mexican prosecutors have started an investigation into the case. Read more here.

Female CEO claims ‘A woman should not be president’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper dissects the controversial comments made by a female business woman about Hillary Clinton and other potential female presidential candidates. Read more here.

Woman who hit Venezuelan president with mango rewarded with house

Marleny Olivo scrawled a note on the fruit and hurled it at President Nicolás Maduro who was passing by. She has now been promised a place to live. Read more from The Guardian here.

Toni Morrison: ‘I’m writing for black people … I don’t have to apologise’

As her latest book God Help the Child is published, the Nobel prizewinner talks about the danger of beauty, supporting Hillary and earning the right to say ‘Shut up’.  Read more here.


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