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The world’s best female chef

© Fotolia/Kzenon

© Fotolia/Kzenon

Hélène Darroze discovered her love of cooking at an early age. Now she runs two restaurants, has two Michelin stars and has been proclaimed best female chef of the year by a British magazine. What’s her secret? Watch here!



On the road with Kigali’s only female mototaxi driver

Motorcycle taxis are the main mode of transportation in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali – Claudine Nyanamajambere is the only woman to drive a “moto.” DW portrays the woman who’s found her place in this male-dominated domain. (From March 19, 2015)

Meet the fearless female fighters of Rajasthan

“Dousing the hungry flames is certainly not an easy task. It’s a test of one’s physical strength as well as courage and agility. But if one is determined, one can overcome any risk however daunting they may look,” says SitaKhatik, an officer with the fire department in the desert state of Rajasthan, India. (From February 10, 2015)

No ‘safe’ asylum for female refugees in Europe

Female migrants coming to Europe are exposed to physical and sexual violence while living in cramped shelters with other refugees. But cultural prejudices and trauma make it difficult for them to talk about abuse. (From October 13, 2015)



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