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Under the knife in the name of beauty


Each year, around ten million cosmetic surgery procedures are performed worldwide. And approximately 300,000 people go under the knife in Germany. Here are their ten most popular choices.


Number 10: Breast reductionaug1

Women with large breasts often suffer as a consequence, and not just because of the extra strain on the neck and spine. Many find large breasts an aesthetic problem too, and have trouble finding clothes to fit. During a reduction, sections of the breast tissue, fat and skin are removed. The nipple is also repositioned higher up.


Number 9: VaginoplastyAug2

Shaving pubic hair draws extra attention to the genitals, and access to pornography has never been higher. This is causing some women to feel unhappy with their bodies. However, patients of vaginoplasty have reported pain while running and cycling. The most common procedures involve reducing the inner or outer labia, which can become visibly larger through childbirth and age.


Number 8: Nose correctionaug3

A nose job can be one of the most effective forms of facial plastic surgery. The nose is a highly characteristic feature and can really impact the impression of a face, especially if it’s prominent. The procedure is highly complex and does not always produce the desired results, so think carefully before opting for one.


Number 7: Lip correctionaug4

The desire for full, sensual lips is becoming increasingly common. This usually involves injecting hyaluronic acid, although this is a temporary solution. Silicon oil is used for more permanent plumping. Or the lips are injected with micro-implants, which are coated in the body’s own tissue. It’s always important to have thorough consultations – and steer clear of the trout pout.


Number 6: Breast liftaug5

Firm, well-shaped breasts are considered an expression of beauty and femininity. But over the course of time, it’s normal for skin to lose its elasticity and tone, especially after pregnancy. A lift can perk droopy breasts back into shape.


Number 5: Abdominoplastyaug6

Significant weight loss, pregnancy and age-related decline in the skin’s elasticity can cause the abdominal skin to droop and the muscles to overstretch. During an abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck”, excess skin and fat is removed. An incision is made to the lower abdomen above the public hair line. The patient should already be at their optimal weight before the operation.


Number 4: Throat, brow and face liftaug7

The classic, full facelift is often performed now using methods which only tighten certain sections of the face. A full facelift can leave the patient looking like they’re wearing a mask. Skin on the throat and chin lends itself particularly well to lifts. Threads are usually placed under the skin to pull it taught, and the patient’s own fat tissue is used as padding.


Number 3: Liposuctionaug8

This is one of the most common plastic surgery treatments worldwide. The procedure is not designed for weight loss, but to remove small, stubborn areas of fat which refuse to disappear through diet and exercise. The excess fat is prepared by injecting a special solution, and then removed via thin suction tubes.


Number 2: Eyelid liftaug9

One of the most commonly practiced operations, the eyelid lift is a highly effective treatment for both men and women. Folds can make a person look tired and haggard. This relatively small procedure removes excess skin with two small incisions in the crease of the eyelid. The result: radiant, wide-awake eyes.


Number 1: Breast augmentationaug10

In Germany too, the most popular cosmetic sugary procedure is the breast augmentation with implants. Having large breasts has long been considered a thing of beauty, and it’s driving an increasing number of young women under the knife. But it’s always worth weighing up the risks, even though the operation is now largely standardized. Statistics source: DGÄPC


Author: Marita Brinkmann

Editor: Marjory Linardy



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