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Beating, and then beating about the bush

Women busy in making hand pottery © Unbreen Fatima

Women busy in making hand pottery © DW/Unbreen Fatima

“This group should be banned! These idiot mullahs!” He remarked in a disgruntled tone, as he scrolled through the television channels, with a beer can in one hand and a TV remote control in another. She confidently nodded in agreement. I remained silent, but they heard me breathe a heavy sigh. I was the guest, he and his wife the hosts. In such awkward situations, I keep my opinions to myself. I prefer not to ruin the environment. Before the silence could suffocate us, she got up to pour me another cup of green tea. I noticed she was still slightly limping, her knee still badly sore from the gold plated Italian vase thrown at her eight days ago.


21.06.2016 | 10:17



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