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Highest mountain of Sweden is melting away


Unless a climatic miracle happens, Sweden’s highest peak will soon be only the number two in the country. Scientists of the University of Stockholm measured that in August the South Summit of Kebnekaise in Lapland was only 2099 meters high, which is a record low. The summit is covered by a small glacier. In the past 18 years this ice cap has melted by about a meter per year on average. “It’s a clear trend”, says geographer Gunhild Rosqvist. Climate change was to blame: “There is no doubt that the melting process is caused by the warmer weather.”

From South to North

View from the South Summit

Three more meters less and Kebnekaise South is no longer Sweden’s highest mountain. However, books have to be only slightly rewritten, because the second highest mountain in the country is the North Summit of Kebnekaise, according to the researchers 2096.3 meters high. This peak is solid rock, with a cairn on top.


13. September 2013 | 15:58


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