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Huber brothers cancel expedition to Pakistan

Alexander (r.) and Thomas Huber

Alexander (r.) and Thomas Huber

The Huber brothers have cancelled their planned expedition to Latok I in Pakistan – “because of the political situation in Pakistan”, Alexander and Thomas Huber write on Facebook.  “Of course the dream of this giant wall is still in our mind and we hope next year we will get another chance.” Actually the German climbers and their team comrades Dani Arnold and Mario Walder had their bags packed to start to Pakistan. “But the risk was no more calculable”, says Alexander when I call him. “First the offensive of the Taliban, now the offensive of the Pakistan army in North Waziristan. There will certainly be more terrorist attacks.”

Searching for a new goal

The Huber brothers and their friends wanted to try an ascent via the unclimbed North Face of the 7125-meter-high Latok I in the north of Pakistan. They also heard that there were hardly any flights to avoid driving over the Karakorum Highway, Alexander says. “All in all, it’s simply too dangerous. I have no more fun if I can’t assess the degree of risk.” And what are they going to do now after cancelling their expedition to Pakistan? “Now we have to sort out things and search for a new goal … and very soon we will be on the ‘road of adventure’ again. We let you know”, the Huber brothers write on Facebook.


25. June 2014 | 13:33