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with Stefan Nestler

Txikon back on Mount Everest

Back to Everest by helicopter

“Back to the adventure!”, Alex Txikon wrote on Twitter. After eight days in the Nepali capital Kathmandu, the 35-year-old Basque has flown back to Mount Everest by helicopter. “We are already at the Base Camp at 5,250 meters, with very good sensations,” said Alex. “Despite having lost weight and having worked hardly, I am physically still very strong.” According to Alex’ words, it’s still sunny and windy at the top of the mountain, as it had been since the beginning of the expedition in early January. Already on Sunday, Txikon wants to climb up with his Sherpa team to check their previous route through the Khumbu Icefall up to Camp 1 on 6,050 meters and if necessary to repair it or to relocate the way through the ice labyrinth.

Only Nuri Sherpa back

Alex Txikon in Everest BC again

Alex will be accompanied by six Climbing Sherpas and two “Icefall Doctors”. Out of his original Sherpa Team only Nuri Sherpa flew back with Alex. The others had not yet recovered from the hardships of the first summit attempt, Txikon’s team said. Almost two weeks ago, a storm on the South Col had forced the Basque and his Sherpa companions to turn back and descend. Subsequently, Seven Summits Treks, the Nepalese agency that is operating Txikon’s expedition, had ordered the entire team back to the capital – against the will of the Spaniard. Afterwards, both sides pulled together, so that the winter attempt can now continue. Four weeks remain for Alex to realize his dream of a winter ascent on the highest mountain on earth without using bottled oxygen. Let’s see if he is able to regain his rhythm quickly.


25. February 2017 | 16:27