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Klaus Esterluß | Ideas Reporter's Log

Green Partying at the Melt! Festival

Picture: Presleyjesus, Flickr (CC)

This weekend we will be out and about for you at this year’s Melt! Festival to look at ideas on how the music industry can be made more climate friendly. The festival well known all over Europe for it’s fine line up of Electronic music is located just 1,5 hours South of Berlin.

To avoid nerve racking and CO2-intensive traffic jams, a train brings 700 people onto the festivalground „Ferropolis“. The Melt! festival featuring an ecological campaign to reduce green house gases,  ironically enough is located on the site of a former coal mine. Where once coal was shuffled out of  the ground from an open pit, festival goers nowadays indulge in a neat swimming lake.

Our team Brigitta Moll and Kerstin Schnatz will be joining the train Friday early in the morning to report  from the moment when it pulls on site. During the weekend, we will be looking at the various activities to make the party greener, such as solar panels and an improved waste management, a very fun looking bicycle disco or an “Electric Hotel” where one can charge mobile phones powered by the sun and yet more bicycles.

To find out what this is all about, watch out for our regular live posts via Twitter, Facebook and our Blog from this Friday to Sunday.

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July 14, 2011