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Thinking for a cooler world

Klaus Esterluß | COP18

It’s a rich man’s world

Text and pictures: Kerstin Schnatz

The emirate of Qatar is not just one of the richest countries of the world. It ranks also the list of the world’s worst polluters. The emirate, who is currently hosting the 18th United Nations Climate Conference (COP18), might not like what Samantha Smith from WWF Norway said at an action outside the new convention center, where the climate summit is taking place, today.

Let the polluters pay
As droughts, floodings and other adverse affects of climate change hit the very poor most, the woman from Oslo reckons that rich states who have been causing climate change in the first place, should be paying for the trouble they have caused. “It is not a gift but an ethical responsibility towards those who can not help themselves.” With just three more days until the end of the negotiations in Doha, Smith is “shocked” that delegates and Ministers from from developed countries came to Doha with so little commitment for climate funding.

Only Great Britain is great in climate funding
The WWF and the organization “Tck, Tck, Tck” who held today’s action jointly hope, that by Friday the latest, more countries will have followed suit the example of the United Kingdom and pronounce solid commitments rather than staying hazy with their future climate funding. Yesterday, Britain announced that they will be putting an additional 133 Million Pounds on the table for Africa to tackle climate change, totalling their climate funding of 2,9 billion Pounds. This ambitious step won the UK not just congratulations from environmental groups but also the award of “The Ray of the Day” for now being the world’s largest provider of climate funds.


December 5, 2012