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Carbon Footprint

So we told you about how you can reduce your carbon footprint for air travel, right? Well, you can definitely reduce your carbon footprint on land, too–by doing things like recycling, cutting down on electricity, etc. And a new study by researchers at the University of California Berkeley gives you the chance to directly assess your impact on the environment.


According to the researchers, factors like who you are and where you live actually play the biggest role in how big or little your footprint is. The study analyzes a whole series of households, so it gives you the chance to calculate your carbon footprint AND compare it to other households–even your neighbors!


You can find the calculator on the Cool Climate Network website. After it helps you figure out the size of your footprint, the calculator helps you find ways to slash CO2 emissions, too. So take the challenge–what's your carbon footprint? How does where you live and who you are affect it?





April 19, 2011



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