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More intense hurricanes due to global warming

Many people in the world are following the way of hurricane Sandy at the moment, which hit U.S. Eastern coast last night and caused floodings and black outs in the New York area.

The densely populated and technologized regions at the Atlantic coast of the U.S. are at higher risk for more and more intense hurricanes in future time – also due to climate change, scientists say. There are mainly two criteria that account for this link: the increased ocean surface temperatures and regional cycles that amplify the effect.

Nontheless it is not that easy to link one particular weather event (as hurricane Sandy is) directly to climate change. Scientific evidence rather provides a model for the overall situation: the projections show that the criteria named above theoretically lead to more events like Sandy. But so far scientist cannot precisely forecast single weather events to come due to climate change.


October 30, 2012



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