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DIY: Wind Turbines

Making your own wind turbine might seem like an impossible feat, even for an expert DIY-er. But according to one man in the U.S., it's not all that hard. Mike Marohn from the state of Washington came up with an at-home wind turbine as a way to heat his water. And it turns out, it's not that expensive or complicated. All it takes is a little shopping at your local hardware store and online!


His creation is called the 'Zoetrope,' and it's a vertical-axis wind turbine made from ordinary things like a stove pipe and plastic sheeting. And the best part is, Applied Sciences has decided to make the Zoetrope open source–meaning they've made the instructions available to everyone on their site, from the manual to a special video. So you can take those instructions and use them to build your own Zoetrope wind turbine, adjusted to the conditions where you live.



March 23, 2011



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