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From the smallest house to the center of Germany!

Hey everyone,

last week was exciting. I have covered 236 kilometers on my scooter and seen  two exciting German superlatives.


First I visited the smallest house in Germany. 2.95 metres x 4.2 metres in size. This house looks like a miniature version of a typical historical German house, but it is way smaller. I did the test: How long does it take to run through the entire house from the entrance door to the end of the room in the first floor? Incredible 3,4 seconds – although I once hit my head under the ceiling by running up the stairs.

I spent a few hours in the tiny house and got more results: I hit my head underneath the low ceiling of 1,70 metres seven more times! But I also figured out that the house was built more than 300 years ago, owned by a mail man and his family of nine and one tenant. Yes, eleven people. Just incredible how low living standards were in the past.


Three days later I reached the center of Germany in the state of Thüringen. This center is quiet funny since it has five other competitors. A total of five other towns say that they are based in the middle of our country, all calculated on other systems.


So I had to figure out, if this is the real center: I gave pedestrians a yoga mat, a white yoga dress and a yoga headband. Three people took them, sat down in front of the memorial center stone of Germany and searched with different meditation techniques after their own center.


And they all found their personal center! This is the proof that I was at the right center of Germany! J

Yours, Wigge


May 7, 2013



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