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Politics: to know or not to know

Delwar Hossain Sayedi was sighted on the moon. People came out in groups to experience this wonder. When I heard this, I felt sad. A deep grief, anger and inability to do anything about it gripped me. Seriously, do people really believe that a human can be sighted on the moon? After this the Jamaat i Islam vandalized minority houses and temples with the help of some people who would do anything for Islam. These are uneducated and politically unaware people who do not know the true essence of Islam or any religion for that matter.

We have another kind among us, who fashionably call themselves apolitical. They supposedly hate politics and have very less to do with the good or bad of the country. Whoever comes to power has nothing to add or subtract from their wealth, so they stay apolitical. They probably mean non-partisan, but prefer to call themselves political. They do not know the value of their opinion but they hate how Bangladesh is unable to progress.

Paula Aziza Ahmed

Every youth wants democracy in his or her society, but this democracy needs to be linked with political analysis, visionary leaders, active participation and the capability to adjust with differences. Differences are inevitable for every society.  A nation stays stable as long as people cope with differences and positively mingle among themselves.

Political awareness is as essential as good education in building a nation. Politics consists of two factors: electoral politics and development politics. Political parties need to spend more time in development politics than in electoral politics. If people of the country are not politically aware then politicians get more opportunity to do electoral politics which fosters corruption. It is very tough to manipulate a politically aware nation, whose citizens know what is best for their country and for themselves.

The reason Shahbag succeeded is due to a certain group of people who knew the power of their voices. They knew that if they didn’t stand up and demand their rights, nobody would come and deliver these rights at their doorstep. Shahbag is an example of patriotism, responsibility and freedom of choice. Shahbag proved that women of Bangladesh have reached the same level as men in Bangladesh. Their active participation in every activity regarding the movement explains the growth of Bangladesh. This also shows the potential Bangladesh has to be a shining star in the international arena. But for that we must educate ourselves politically to take the grip of the nation in our hands.

We are the people, we are the power and we are the nation. The politicians are our elected representatives, who have been elected only for our welfare and that of our country. If they fail in their commitment they will be put down the next moment. The youth needs to come forward and take part in the politics of Bangladesh in whatever way they chose, as a politician, as a political analyst or as voicing out opinions as voters or activists.

People just can not be the passive recipients of power. We are the voters and we have to be able to actively participate in nation building.

Author: Aziza Ahmed Paula

Editor: Manasi Gopalakrishnan


29.03.2013 | 10:34