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Write for us: Is there a recipe for the perfect relationship?

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Women are becoming more confident and rising up to every challenge that their lives offer. Yet, is this newly-found self-assurance hampering their attempts to be in a lasting relationship with a man?

We live in an age where we can decide what we want and get it. All over the world, even in countries where women rights are at stake, women are rising and demanding more freedom for themselves.

The women of today have been blessed with more rights and opportunities than their counterparts several decades earlier, but relationships have changed as a result. Families have had to cope with working mothers and men have had to cope with independent wives and girlfriends who earn their own money.

Some men have found it easy, while some have found it extremely difficult to share the role of the provider with the women in their families. As a result, personal relationships and expectations have changed. Women expect their men to help more with housework, for example, while men want to stick to their masculine role models.

What do you think: is there such a thing as a perfect relationship? What do men and women look for in a partner? Write to us with your views at and we’ll publish your entry as a blog post.


08.08.2014 | 13:30