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(Copyright: Fotolia/drubig-photo)

(Copyright: Fotolia/drubig-photo)

This weeks women in the news focuses on following topics:

Turkish women receive mixed messages on work-life balance

Officials from Turkey’s Justice and Development Party have made a habit of issuing controversial social edicts to women that don’t apply to their own wives and daughters. Read more here:

India’s new comic ‘super hero’: Priya, the rape survivor

A new comic book with a female rape survivor as its “super hero” has been launched to focus attention on the problem of sexual violence in India. See her here!

Study suggests women pressured to lose weight have more trouble staying fit

The weight-loss world is full of New Year’s resolutions, boot camps and restrictive “cleanses.” But could a message of acceptance actually be the best way to help women lose weight?

Saudi women drivers sent to terrorism tribunal

Two women who protested the female driving ban in Saudi Arabia have been sent to a court used for hearing terrorism cases after their first hearing. The police seem more interested in their active social media accounts.

Catholic rebel: Becoming a female priest

Jesus was a man as were his 12 disciples. This is why women cannot be priests in the Catholic Church. But some have rebelled. Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger tells Life Links how she became a priest and an outcast. See more here.

Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Grahame Lucas


09.01.2015 | 14:05