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Marry Yourself – Japan’s Lonely Women

Fewer and fewer Japanese find their way to the altar. 37-year old Haruna has found her own solution: She has married herself. An agency in Kyoto makes it possible.

She has had this dream since she was a little girl, to one day wear a wedding gown. Now that dream has come true. Today Haruna is a bride. But where is the groom? It turns out: there isn’t one. Haruna is having what is known as a solo wedding. That is possible thanks to a special agency that offers a two-days solo wedding package. On the first day the bride is fitted for a dress, and the next day there is an elaborate photo shoot. Watch more here!

Author: Oliver Mojen

Editor: Marjory Linardy



The perfect wedding dress

More acre often goes into the choice of a wedding dress than of any other piece of clothing. The wedding dress has been around for centuries… London’s Victoria & Albert Museum is unveiling a new exhibition of remarkable wedding dresses ranging from the end of the 18th Century to the present day!

12-year-old Thea’s wedding

Thea from Norway is barely a teenager, yet her parents have decided to marry her off to 37-year-old Geir. Thea’s written a blog, documenting all her experiences up to the wedding day.

My Grandmother, the Child Bride

“Waslat! Tell your cousin to move his head away from your shoulder or I’ll pick his eyes out” she yells at me. The lights have gone out in Kabul and it is dark in our apartment. With her long white hair and fair complexion, she reminds me of a ghost.


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