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© picture-alliance/dpa

© picture-alliance/dpa

The jihadis treatment of their female victims plays an important part in their ambitious radical strategy. Find out more about it here, and read other news about women.

What jihadis plan for women

There is a special kind of hell reserved for the women who fall into the clutches of today’s jihadi fighters.  Read more from CNN here.

Losing my Religion

Giving up on a religion in which you’ve grown up is difficult for anyone. But women in the UK who come from particularly strict Muslim backgrounds can face even more obstacles. Richard Murie went to meet one woman who has left and helps others do the same.  Read more here.

“India’s Daughter”

The documentary film, “India’s Daughter” was banned from being screened in India just after it was released. The woman who made it, Leslee Udwin, talks about why she feels so strongly about campaigning for gender equality. Read more here.

New Zealand prime minister John Key apologises for pulling waitress’s hair

Apology comes after Auckland waitress revealed that the PM repeatedly pulled her ponytail in what he now says was ‘a bit of banter’. Read more from The Guardian here.

Women in the world: Where the U. S. falters in quest for equality
If you imagine countries where women and girls have it worst, the United States probably doesn’t come to mind. Read more here from CNN.

Let the sexism begin! Rand Paul says Hillary needs etra plane for ‘Her Baggage’

If, like me, you were wondering which of the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates would be the first to use a less-than-subtle sexist comment in order to take cheap shots at Hillary Clinton, we now know the answer. It’s Rand Paul. Read more here.

Liberation of Ravensbrück women’s concentration camp remembered

Ravensbrück was the largest concentration camp for women in Nazi Germany. Some 150,000 prisoners were held there by the SS until the camp was liberated in April 1945. Read more here.

Having a baby in your 40s or later? Consider this

Pregnant at 65…with quadruplets? It’s not out of the realm of possibility. If all goes well, Germany’s Annegret Raunigk will be the oldest woman to give birth to quads. Still, having children at 60 is unusual. Kids past 40, however, is becoming more common. Read more from BBC here.


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