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A burqa-clad Afghan woman carries chopped logs after buying them at a firewood yard in Herat. Photograph taken on February 23, 2015 (© AFP/Getty Images/A. Karimi)

A burqa-clad Afghan woman carries chopped logs after buying them at a firewood yard in Herat. Photograph taken on February 23, 2015 (© AFP/Getty Images/A. Karimi)

An article about wearing hijab or burka got most responses from our readers. Check out here if your comment has been chosen for this week’s Comments of the Week.


Nargis Laskar It depends on the circumstances. For an individual who is socio-politically and financially  independent hijab or burka can be an assertion of agency and freedom. But for a person who is living under
social pressure and in a situation of financial dependency such a statement may not be true, rather it may be a marker of her oppression. (Facebook, June 25)


Saba Farbodkia oppression doesn’t happen only by force. Even if people embrace their oppression, it is still oppression. (Facebook, June 25)

For ‘My Hijab Has Nothing To Do with Oppression. It’s A Feminist Statement’


Youssef Rahali Confidence is the sexiest thing there is! Anything else comes with a price tag attached to it (Facebook, June 26)

For 7 Things That Make a Woman Sexy


Allenia Owens Yes! I’m 32 and just owning that statement. (Facebook, June 24)


Lucia Suryakencana Be careful in deciding to fall in love is a good choice rather than hurry to fall in love, because love is like a fire. The fire sometimes give warmth but sometimes it can burn us, hurt us. (Facebook, June 25)

For I’m Only 22. I Don’t Want Someone Else To Be My Whole World.


Endy Kapini she needs a Nobel peace prize. get that one from Obama and give it to her (smiley emoticon). (Facebook, June 23)

For  The Girl Fighting To Stop Child Marriage in Pakistan


Karen Burgess Yes. These men who assault women are ultimately cowards. They pick on people they feel they can overpower. No one tells a men not to fight back. Why does society tell women not fight??? Fight Girls!! It’s your right to protect yourself by what even means!! (Facebook, June 23)

For Should We Teach Women Rape-Pervention Tactics?




Sometimes, I miss being single!

‘Singleton’ is not a privilege given to many women in South Asia. We are ‘protected’ closely by our families and then given away in marriage to the man who will ‘protect’ us. We grow up in one nest and then just before we get a chance to fly, the wings are clipped a little and we settle into another nest. (From March 27, 2015)

Stealty Freedom

A women’s group in Iran has been campaigning for freedom and self-expression. The group, called Stealthy Freedom has a page on Facebook. Its founders say that the page ” does not belong to any political group and the initiative reflects the concerns of Iranian women, who face legal and social restrictions.” (From October 20, 2014)

“Something in the way she moves” – Unveiling the Secret of a Confident Woman

Have you ever seen a woman who attracts everybody’s attention when she is walking on the street? She does not wear a sexy dress. She is not remarkably pretty, and she does not look perfect or walk like a model either. But she has something in the way she moves. The Beatles even dedicated a song to this “something” that a woman has. Well, guess what, every woman can have it. Here are my suggestions. (December 09, 2014)


26.06.2015 | 12:25