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© Fotolia/diego cervo

© Fotolia/diego cervo

Posts about relationships and child marriage got most responses from our readers. Check out here if your comment has been chosen for this week’s Comments of the Week.

Tina Schrier There’s so much a woman’s blog could be posting, and it’s all this relationship stuff.  BORING.  What about women in sciences, who are achieving things, come on– do better, DW.  This is borderline retro. (Facebook, July 2)
For 10 Things You Need to be Okay with If You Want a Happy Relationship
Nargis Laskar This selfie with daughter is apparently a good gesture. However, there are two points about it. First, most of the cases of female foeticide, infanticide, bride-burning for dowry and other umpteen forms of discrimination against, and repression of, girls/women happen in rural India where the poor people live without access to a mobile phone with front camera and to social media. Second, this campaign encourages the society to view girls/women not as an autonomous person equal to their male counterparts but as a being whose identity rests with reference to her relationship with a male like father, brother, husband etc. This re-reinforces patriarchal view of women as inferior to men. (Facebook, June 30)
For #SelfieWithDaughter: Indian men tweet heartwarming photos to raise the status of women
Matthew Niemc If  he loves or cares about her he will be comforting and there for her. Or… he’s a cunt. And telling him was the best thing she ever did. Because she can dump him and find real love. (Facebook, June 29)
For How do I tell my boyfriend I was raped?
Endy Kapini Really hate it to hug a woman wearing make-up if I am in a white shirt. (Facebook, June 29)
For What I really learned from going #makeupfree
Yang Cheyn Marriage is a union between two adults … period can a tradition allow a man to bring a child as his bride and call it marriage ..this is a horrible crime where a child is not only raped repeatedly but it is legal …it is legalizing child abuse …even a pedophile will be caught and prosecuted at some point ..these monsters who marry children get to abuse them for as long as they like. (Facebook, June 28)
Marmar Aida Such a cruel and shameful act ….! (Facebook, June 28)
For Child marriage ‘epidemic’ on the rise in South Asia
Rhee Ramoni who cares what men want? the whole culture is targeted at what “men want”, what about what WOMEN want? when will this shithole articles tell men to stop judging women based on their submission and physical apperance, to start appreciating a woman with OPINIONS, a woman that enjoy to LEAD, to be his leader, a woman that will NOT do what he tells her to do, when ?? when? (Facebook, June 26)
Tina Schrier EXACTLY, and this is supposed to be a woman’s blog and here we go again with the “perfect woman” shaming. *shakes head*. (Facebook, June 27)

Tips for successful relationship

We always discuss women’s issues, such as domestic violence, anxiety and depression and most of the times men are blamed for all these problems. I have seen many women end their marriages because they think that they are being oppressed by their partner even when it is not so. Have we ever thought, how we as women can have better love or marriage relationships, and eventually can live happier lives, even when we have problems? (From April 30, 2015)

Too much, too early: underage marriage

What should a poor father do if he has two options to choose from? Either he has to marry off his five-year-old daughter to his rival’s six-year-old son as a settlement of a dispute or give the rival one million Pakistani rupees (some 8,333 euros) as a settlement. (From May 7, 2012)

Women Are Not a Burden for the Economy

An exhibition was organized in the Pakistan-china Friendship Centre in Islamabad a few months ago. I visited the centre to attend the exhibition, and met many women who came there from different areas of Pakistan to present their work. When I saw their art work, I was pleasantly surprised. Each and every piece was so dedicatedly made that I fell in love with the work. (From June 19, 2015)


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