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© Twitter/Isischan

© Twitter/Isischan

Do you know how ISIS deals with women? According to a report an Iraqi woman has killed an ISIS commander that forced her to become a sex slave. Read more here and don’t forget to share and tweet the news of #ISISchan!

Isis commander ‘killed by captured Iraqi woman’ forced to act as a sex slave

An Iraqi woman has reportedly killed an Isis commander after he forced her to become a sex slave for his fighters. The Isis commander, only referred to by his nom de guerre Abu Anas, was allegedly murdered by an unidentified Iraqi woman on 5 September in Mosul, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) spokesperson Saeed Mamouzini told al-Sumari TV.

Read more here from The Independent.


Melons instead of tanks: Meet “ISIS-chan” – the anime that fights ‘Islamic State’

‘IS’ is using social media as a means to openly encourage people to organize terror attacks and recruit followers. But there are many users out there who are trying to fight back. This is how ISIS-chan was born.

Read more here.

© Twitter/Jamilnousran

© Twitter/Jamilnousran


Danish teenage girl stabbed mother to death after watching Isil videos with Islamist boyfriend

Lisa Borch was 15 when she stabbed her mother 20 times after becoming radicalised by an Iraqi boyfriend she reportedly met at a refugee centre

Read more here from The Telegraph.

Woman in hijab knocked unconscious as figures reveal rise in hate crime in London

Shocking images of a woman in a hijab being attacked from behind and beaten unconscious reveal the reality of an increase in hate crime in London. Young Muslim women today described how they had been attacked, spat on and verbally abused in the street.

Read more here from EveningStandard.


Topless Femen protesters ‘kicked during scuffles’ at Muslim conference about women

Two topless feminist protesters from Femen have stormed the stage of a conference discussing women in Islam. A video of the incident appears to show one of the activists being kicked by a man as she is hauled off stage at the event in France.

Read more here from The Independent.


Hungarian Journalist, Petra Laszlo, Fired for Kicking Migrants on Camera

An Internet television channel associated with Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party fired a camera operator on Tuesday after images of her kicking and tripping migrants spread across social networks.

Read more here from The New York Times.


Friends, family mourn American artist beaten to death in Nepal

Dahlia Yehia was an artist, a teacher and a searcher. A few months ago she traveled to Nepal to backpack and help in the aftermath of April’s devastating earthquake.

Read more here from CNN.


How to deal with the threat of FGM

16-year-old OP feared her parents would fly her from the U.S. to Somalia to get cut. She asked for help on the Internet. Here’s what you can do if you are worried you might be forced to undergo female genital Mutilation.

Read more here.


With Red Lipstick, Indian Acid Attack Victim Makes a Bold Statement

In her peppy and helpful online video tutorial, Reshma Bano Quereshi promises to teach her viewers “how to get perfect red lips.” But unlike the more than 200,000 other online videos dedicated to the application of lipstick, this one goes beyond plumping and priming.

Read more here from The New York Times


Inside the UK’s worst detention centre: ‘Hell must be better than that place’

Yarl’s Wood has been called a ‘place of national concern’ in a report by the prison watchdog. In the second of a new series, Radhika Sanghani hears from a 22-year-old female detainee about how bad life really is inside.

Read more here from The Telegraph.


“Matribhumi” No More: What An Attack on an All-Woman Train in Bengal Reveals About the State’s Continuing Problems

When she was the railway minister in the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government in 2010, Mamata Banerjee, now the chief minister of West Bengal, had launched an all-woman local train in her home state. Named Matribhumi—motherland, the train seldom ran at full occupancy, because of which the government and the railway ministry granted men permission to travel in three of its carriages, effectively making it a uniquely “general” vehicles for all passengers.

Read more here from The Caravan.


German state lifts headscarf ban for public school teachers

Lower Saxony has lifted a ban on female Muslim teachers wearing headscarves while teaching in public schools. The move follows a high court ruling that such a ban is against principles of religious freedom.

Read more here.


Hong Kong women stare at the sun for almost an hour every day—in a bizarre way to lose weight!

With ‘skinny’ being the basis for beauty today, many women (and men) strive to get that body we all want to have, no matter what it takes.

Read more here from viral4real.


Absolution for abortion: the Pope’s offer is overdue but doesn’t feel like a step Forward

The church is modernising, but not nearly fast enough. Why do faith and feminism still feel so hopelessly at odds?

Read Laura Bates’ commentary from The Guardian here.



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