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What can be done to protect women against sexual assaults? In India the state of Haryana has launched an all-female police unit. Read the news here, and other news about women.

Fighting violence against women in India

Police in the Indian state of Haryana has launched an all-female police unit to fight crimes against women. Gender crimes are a major problem in India, so the deployment of 27 officers has been welcomed by many.

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Rights group urges justice for Nepali maids allegedly gang raped by Saudi diplomat

India and Saudi Arabia should bring justice to two Nepali maids allegedly gang raped and tortured by a Saudi diplomat, Amnesty International has said. The case is one of many reported abuses of domestic workers.

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Ten Years of Angela Merkel as Chancellor

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s politics have been relatively undisputed but opinion is changing. While Greek outcry against her hasn’t carried much weight, her response to the refugee crisis has made her increasingly unpopular in Germany.

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‘These girls matter’: US tycoon helping Chibok pupils back into the classroom

Inaction and fading global interest in plight of those who escaped Boko Haram spurred Robert F Smith to support local efforts with offer to pay for schooling.

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Victoria’s Secret shows are modern sexism uncovered

However much the company tries to dress them up as glamorous fun, its catwalk shows are utterly crass.

Read Catherine Benett column from the Guardian here.


Women who conquered macho world of Portuguese politics prepare for power

The female-led Left Bloc party is about to form a government, but now faces shockingly sexist attacks.

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Reham Khan: ‘Marrying Imran Khan meant everyone in Pakistan got involved in my private affairs’

Life as a political wife came with plenty of compromise and strain for journalist Reham Khan. She explains how the hate campaign put an end to her 10-month marriage to a man idolized by millions

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Anne Frank’s Diary Now Has a Co-Author to Extend Copyright

Anne Frank’s father will be listed as co-author on her famous diary in a move to extend the copyright on the book, according to the foundation that owns the copyright.

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Here’s Why ‘Female Viagra’ Is Not Selling

It’s hard to compare Addyi, therecently FDA-approved female libido-boosting drug, to Pfizer’sViagra, the male sexual-enhancing blockbuster that has treated erectile dysfunction since 1998.

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A guide to the menopause

What is it and how does it affect women? What are the symptoms of the menopause? How many women are affected?

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24.11.2015 | 15:50