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Have you ever seen a Bollywood movie? Tell us what you think. The article about Bollywood and vulgarity on screen got the most comments from our readers this week. Check out here if your comment has been chosen for this week’s Comment of the Week!


Pamela Ayers That’s no excuse AT ALL!! Countries who show GRAPHIC sex scenes in TV/movies don’t report such a spike in rape. Rape is due to someone feeling entitled to grab someone & force sex on them. Trying to blame women’s clothes & media is diversion from real reason of lack of self-control & respect for others. (Facebook, November 12, 2015)


Diya Ali It’s amazing to see a lady speaking up against the government’s wrong policies. She is very brave, ma sha Allah. May Allah protect her, ameen. She has come up with a very clear thought that such murders are not acceptable at all, no matter what religion one belongs to, his/her human rights can’t be denied. (Facebook, November 7, 2015)
Pamela Ayers So sad people’s minds still chained to 4th century thinking (Facebook, November 7, 2015)

Rassna Mishra God bless this beautiful child (Facebook, November 6, 2015)

Rashida Ghakhar Dreams that boost you up for what you want to achive. (Facebook, November 12, 2015)

Are media to be blamed for gender stereotypes?

Are the media making big mistakes in the way they represent women? What about how they ‘show’ violence against women? An ‘accused’ was leaving the court. The person was wearing black jeans, black T-Shirt and had beautiful light brown hair. She was a little sad but confident. Have you ever imagined such a description of an accused, where just physical appearance, dress and hair color are mentioned, rather than the nature of the crime that person was charged with? (From November 1, 2015)

UN campaign to eliminate violence against women

November 25 has been selected by the United Nations as its International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has called on everyone around the world to support the campaign, which is a really important signal, writes Grahame Lucas.The social media have been buzzing about violence against women for months. These platforms make it much easier than in the past for us to follow patterns of abuse. Unfortunately every day brings more examples of truly shocking behavior. And it just does not stop. (From November 27, 2014)

A Kingdom of girls tucked away in an Indian village

Mawlynnong, a small village tucked away in the Northeastern state of the Meghalaya, bordering Bangladesh, is popularly known as the ‘cleanest village in Asia’. Also touted as the ‘God’s own Garden’ for its mesmerizing scenic beauty, this village is home to the indigenous tribe Khasi. (From August 4, 2015)


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