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Women’s rights in focus in Afghanistan

© Getty Images/AFP/W. Kohsar

© Getty Images/AFP/W. Kohsar

Womens rights and gender equality are in focus in Afghanistan after Kabul University introduced a new course aimed at improving the position of women in Afghan society.

The country has seen some of the most brutal assaults against women. Now more and more people have been fighting for more rights for women: to enable them to study, to work and to move freely in public. See more here!



Women and their rights: the reality

The bitter truth can be found in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. I am a woman and I know for sure how far our rights are protected. I understand the problems that could come with our rights but we deserve dignity, respect and to be treated with love. (From November 16, 2015)

Afghanistan: In The Midst Of War, A Women’s Rights Warrior

Born in the mid-50s in Mazar-i-Sharif, a cultural and religious site in Afghanistan with famous shrines that get thousands of visitors annually, Dr Habiba Sarabi’s childhood was similar to that of many girls in her country. She grew up in a lower middle class household where money was tight, and her father preferred her brothers. (From June 19, 2015)

Afghanistan wants change

Afghan citizens want more empowerment and a say in how they will run their country. They are now eagerly waiting for the results of the presidential elections to emerge. (From June 25, 2014)


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