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Afghan woman defies odds to pursue her dream

© picture-alliance/dpa/EPA/J. Rezayee

© picture-alliance/dpa/EPA/J. Rezayee

In a country where daughters are locked up and music is frowned upon by fundamentalist extremists, Negin Khpalwak is determined to become Afghanistan’s first female conductor.

What gives her the courage? Is her family supporting her? What has she done so far? See her full Story here!



Ethiopia’s Spice Girls

Women and girls in Ethiopia face a daunting number of challenges, including violence. Two out of three women actually believe that wife-beating is justified. All-female band Yegna is confronting the entrenched beliefs that hold Ethiopian women back. (From May 10, 2016)

Muniba Mazari: Empowering Women and Girls in Pakistan

Muniba Mazari represents the modern woman in Pakistan. In a conservative country like Pakistan, she has broken the stereotypes. She is a writer, artist, singer, activist and a motivational speaker . The beautiful and attractive young female is also a paraplegic, having lost control of both legs after sustaining injuries in a car accident. (From February 5, 2016)

Empowering Girls

The capacity to bounce back and thrive in the face of adversity is not a natural talent or quality. Rather, it’s the result of a set of skills that can be learned. And no better has this been demonstrated in the impoverished state of Bihar in northern India. (From January 29, 2016)


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