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Vintage background with quill pen and inkwell on tableThe Facebook-page of Women Talk Online was visited a constantly by our fans, even during the season of Christmas and New Year. Some good comments were given to our posts, and we have chosen some of them for you to read here. Maybe your comment is one of those. Check out here!


Anti-ageing chocolate which reduces wrinkles developed by Cambridge University spin-off

Ashhu Shrestha guys let me know if you find this (Facebook, January 4)

Response from Aarati Dangol I know that chocolate (Facebook, January 4)

Watch this hero 2-year-old boy save his twin brother after their dresser falls on him while they are playing

Asash Basir Thank God he is saved. (Facebook, January 3)

The 22-year-old conducted an undercover operation & rescued the children from inhuman work conditions

Tarannum Khan Love u for this (Facebook, December 30, 2016)


Ahmad Imran Ghazi Super Work….Keep it going. God bless you (Facebook, December 30, 2016)

Eight Common Warning Signs Of Gluten Intolerance

Shauna Murray Yeah umm….these are signs for lots of things people. Go to a doctor if you have these constantly. Don’t go “oh this article I read on the internet.” (Facebook, December 29, 2016)

This female “Top Gun” from Afghanistan has been celebrated by the U.S. Now she’s seeking asylum.

Sandeep Jawale Men in Afgan country are jealous about success of women. (Facebook, December 29, 2016)

Response from DW – Women Talk Online Thank you Sandeep Jawale for your comment. Why do you think they are jealous? (December, 29, 2016)

Response from Sandeep Jawale Males in Afghanistan and Pakistan show their dominance over ladies and don’t tolerate the success of women. This can be observed from the comments posted by DW viewers on Facebook from Muslim countries. (December 30, 2016)


Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Debarati Guha



Hormones – Wonder treatment for wrinkles?

A new cream from the experts in aesthetic endocrinology contains hormones for a fresh, youthful complexion. Deutsche Welle interviewed professor Dr. Bernd Kleine-Gunk on using hormones to fight cellulite and wrinkles. (From August 30, 2016)

A summer of discontent for some women

The central Indian state of Chhattisgarh has become a dangerous place for those who question the government. This, especially after the Indian government has vowed to unleash a massive offensive on Maoist rebels that human rights groups say doesn’t address the factors that has led to the Maoist insurgency in the first place. (From May 28, 2016)



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