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What is the significance of a headscarf to a woman? What some women in rural Nepal have to endure if they have their period? These are some of the posts on Facebook that caught a lot of attention. We chose some of the coments given by readers. See them here!

The headscarf is not a gauge of devoutness

Sardar Muhamad Rahman For education and growing a generation the soul is more important than the body. It’s essential. This is what we have to teach our communities (Facebook, January 7)

In Nepal, a Monthly Exile for Women

Yvonne Moody It’s strange to me how some places on this earth are still so completely stuck in the stone age,. They have been exposed to modernization for decades and still choose this way of life….. (Facebook, January 8)

This 105-year-old just broke a world record by cycling 14 miles in one hour.

Damchae Dem Why do we have to be someone to be noticed. Or why do we have to be noticed to be someone. I can’t imagine what this gentleman must have done for his day in the sun. Simply wonderful. (Facebook, January 7)

Abuse Is Abuse — Even If He Doesn’t Hit You

Meena Mirdha True, well explained (Facebook, January 5)
Ban Hikmet Absolutely correct, GOD bless you for your powerful and profound speech (Facebook, February 9, 2017)
Author: Marjory Linardy
Editor: Debarati Guha

Modern Afghanistan – In the Past

The killing which took place on Saturday, December 17 highlightes the continuing threat faced by women working outside of the home in Afghanistan. The women had received death threats from people opposed to women in the workforce. (From December 20, 2016)

Maiti Nepal – Giving Hopes and Dreams for Many Girls

Sita’s face beams with happiness as she dances (picture). After enduring severe hardship, a group of Nepali girls are now on a tour performing traditional dance across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. DW takes a look at how the Maiti organization offers them aid and shelter. (From September 26, 2015)

Agents of Ishq – Conversations about sex shouldn’t only be about abuse and rape

The narrative of sex in India tends to have got stuck on the issues of violence, rape and harassment. This is not surprising considering that India is a country in which a majority of the women face sexual violence on a daily basis. (From March 24, 2017)


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