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“Eyes As Big As Plates” : Natural Beauty

For their project “Eyes As Big As Plates,” Norwegian photographer Karoline Hjorth and Finnish artist Riitta Ikonen have photographed people from ten countries, dressed in plants from where they live.

Report: Gönna Kettels



Body trends to blow your mind

Summer is finally upon us in the northern hemisphere. With rising temperatures, clothes are getting scantier, regular bodies are being exposed to the critical eyes of the tabloid press and those who prey on our insecurities. This in turn has led to the next head-scratching body trend. (From July 10, 2017)

Oh, the lengths that we will go…

I’d actually stumbled upon them by accident. I had been researching unusual household gadgets made in Asia, when links to pages featuring beauty gadgets popped up. (From March 15, 2017)

Confident or complacent?

When I first moved from Asia to Europe – specifically to Germany – I was a European size 36. Then I discovered German bread – specifically “brötchen” – and they proved to be my undoing. (From April 20, 2017)


14.07.2017 | 9:25