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Every week we choose the best user comments on our posts in the social media. This week’s comments are mostly given to articles about women’s rights. Read the readers’ names and the articles’ titles here. Don’t forget to comment on our posts in Facebook and Twitter, and you might find your name in next week’s Comments of the Week!

Samina Thapa Bitter fact …..but we will save our girls……at least we will try (May 10)

     For: Sex Traffickers Lure Women and Girls after Nepal Earthquake (Facebook)

Maria Cristina Masnata I like that you publish these articles to get real and do something about it. (May 9)

     For: Women’s War Wounds Never Really Heal (Facebook)

Gabriel Athanasopoulos Yes, that’s exactly what feminists are. (May 6)

     For: “Yes, I Can Wear Pink”: 10 Things about Feminism for My Boyfriend (Facebook)

Elizabeth Almond Bussian US is not even on the list! (May 6)

     For: These Are the 25 Best Countries in the World To Be a Mother (Facebook)

Laura N Hubbard This is the only piece of advice my mother ever gave me. (May 4)

     For: 7 Smart Reasons Every Wife Should Make Her OWN Money (Facebook)



Women’s War Wounds Never Really Heal Part 1 (Read also Part 2 here)

Despite the fact that Ameena, Divine and Siah are separated by geographical boundaries, their gruesome realities clearly reveal that conflict leaves a lasting impact on women and girls. If physically they have to cope with debilitating injuries, psychologically, they carry the burden of post-traumatic stress disorder; not many are able to get access to the professional help needed to adjust to the crippling pain. (From May 8, 2015)

Why fighting human trafficking is not easy

“Often trafficking victims don’t even know that there is a label to describe what happened to them,” says Luis C deBaca Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons from the US State Department. (From August 8, 2014)

Stirring the feminist in me

“Who spends 300 dollars on a girder belt?” – “A woman who is in charge of her sexuality and not afraid of change.” If you, too, agree with this, you will definitely like Appropriate Behavior, one of the many remarkable women-centric films screened at the Sydney Film Festival this month. (From June 25, 2014)


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