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Comments of the Week

© picture-alliance/da

© picture-alliance/da

Two posts in Facebook got many comments this week. They were about blue jeans and men’s thighs. Check it out here, and don’t forget to leave a comment on our posts in Facebook and Twitter.


Vatsla Aaliya Theos As if they don’t have any thighs themselves??? Hahahaha..women’s thighs are better to look at than men’ some sense dude… If guys wouldn’t wear shorts then how would they play comfortably (June 2)


Uzma Shoaib Yeah? Ask them why men watch women’s tennis! God, these people! I don’t get them. (June 2)

For Saudi cleric’s fatwa: Women only watch soccer to look at men’s thighs.


Savitri Bohra See, I always knew women are so powerful. (June 3)


Hazel Strong Does this man not realize how stupid this comment is! (June 3)


Shambhavi Lal I don’t know why earthquake doesn’t happens daily then!!!! Lol (June 3)

For Women wearing jeans responsible for earthquake, says Pakistan’s politician Maula Fazlur Rehman


Ban Hikmat I can’t go on without coffee it’s my fuel for the day, sorry. (May 29)

For 10 Ways to Become a Morning Person (Without Chugging Coffee)


Hana Dolisa Men should know about this (May 27)

For 15 Things Men Need to Learn About Women


Pamela Ayers I can see wanting to wear heels for a special occasion, but for them to be forced, like in a dress code-hell no! (June 2)

For Women are Growing Tired of Conforming to Men’s Standard



The Fatwa retailers

Darul Uloom Deobandi, an Islamic seminary in Uttar Pradesh, India, recently warned Muslim women not to work as receptionists by issuing a Fatwa (Islamic religious ruling) that the terms of the job are un-Islamic and against Sharia (Islamic law). Meanwhile, the Muslim chief of a village council in Bihar, India, has also barred women from using mobile phones due to fears of pre-marital or extramarital affairs which may lead to elopements and the moral decline of that community. This is the 21st century and what women should do or should not do is being decided by the centers of prejudice, dogma and misogyny? Wow! (From December 21, 2012)

Women don’t need to fight with men to get ahead

Auma Obama tells Women Talk Online that women’s emancipation need not be a fight where women are constantly trying to get the better of men. The Kenyan author, journalist and educationist is widely known for her work on empowering communities in Kenya. Recently, she got a taste of the paparazzi after it was revealed that she was US President Barack Obama’s half-sister.  (From July 31, 2014)

Tête-à-tête with tradition and the modern woman

Ace Indian designer Payal Kapoor has a global recognition with her designer brands, “Famous” and “Raj.” Debarati Mukherjee spoke to the designer, who shared her journey down the fashion isle and offered a peek inside her latest collection at the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) in India. (From August 17, 2012)


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