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Most of the readers’ comments refer to articles about the ISIS’s brutality against women and about child marriage. But there are also comments on articles about relationships. Check it out here!


Trisha Lama I don’t understand, are they humans or devils. How mean, how arrogant and how sadistic they are! (June 9)

For ISIS is Selling Women as Sex Slaves at Markets ‘for as Little as a Pack of Cigarettes’


Jennifer Dyck What a sad “tradition”. A means to gain better control over their wives, get them while they are young. It’s time these countries began to move forward, times have changed and their practices are not being encouraged globally. (June 9)

For Child Marriage ‘Epidemic’ on the Rise in South Asia


Ali Josef I’m still looking for my soul mate…there are no sign to marriage (June 8)

For All the Real Signs You’re Ready to Get Married


Diya Ali I think, Indian government should pay attention to this issue. Govt should focus on women issues rather than focusing on fights with neighbouring countries. They have spent lots if time and money on a pigeon, who was claimed by indian army, to be a spy from pakistan. That pigeon is put in jail for further investigations. And on the other hand such women issues like rape are paid the least attention, which are human issues. (June 7)

For Need a License to Rape? Just Get Married in India


Yamin Inzali Ohn Mar Khin Stop chasing love, and let love find you.  This is the enough reason for me. (June 5)

For 9 Reasons to stop chasing after a crush


Angelena Gesyola (June 6)


For Making Rights Real for Women



Female “Islamic State” Supporters – The West Needs to Rethink Its Strategy

The news that at least 12 young Australian women from Melbourne have attempted to join the so-called Islamic State demonstrates its enduring attraction on young impressionable Moslem women in western countries. It is time to rethink western strategies, writes DW’s Grahame Lucas. (From May 29, 2015)

What you should know about the Islamic State

Facts you should know about the Islamic State and why they are a threat to women. (From August 20, 2014)

Tips for successful relationship

We always discuss women’s issues, such as domestic violence, anxiety and depression and most of the times men are blamed for all these problems. I have seen many women end their marriages because they think that they are being oppressed by their partner even when it is not so. (From April 30, 2015)

Robbed of childhood

Be it going to school, playing with friends or listening to stories from your grandparents- all these memories of childhood bring a profound feeling of happiness. But everyone is not fortunate enough. For hundreds of girls throughout the world childhood comes to an end sooner than it should. (From November 29, 2012)




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