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A true fairytale


Roma Rajpal documents an extraordinary incident that happened to her a couple of months back – a real life event that reinstated her faith in love and the idea that fairy tales can also come true!

It was Good Friday, a public holiday, but not really a reason to celebrate because people are prohibited to dance until Easter. This meant a really slow, uneventful night at the pub I work. I did the usual rounds, bit by bit people were drifting out and I was all set to leave, except this annoying couple wouldn’t budge.

I turned off the music, did the drill of rounding up the chairs, banging them a little too loud for a good effect, still the couple showed no signs of moving. I was thinking, “Guys, I just want to home to my warm bed. It’s been a long day.” The  man finished his drink with a long swig and I hurried to take away his glass and tried my best at giving the girl a snooty look which was supposed to mean that she’d better be on her way out.

The woman, obviously unaware of anything around her burst out ‚ “We’ve just booked a flight to Mallorca.” And I was like, “Great for you..uhhhh we’re closing now.” “No, you don’t get it,” she said.  I know this guy for less than 24 hours. We met last night and now I am flying to Mallorca with him in four hours.”

I finally got a grip on the situation and being the romantic I am, I pestered them for more details. Turns out they didn’t know each other, met last night through common friends, this was their first date and now they were flying off to Mallorca, cancelling all their plans with their families for Easter.

It was like a real-life Bollywood film.  I went a step ahead and gave them both my phone number, So in the event either one thought the other was a psycho, they’d call me and I’d alert the police. What I got though, were some of the most beautiful messages from two people who were basking under the sun, enjoying each others company and being in love.

We look for love everywhere, when the truth is that love is actually all around us. We just need to give it a chance, we just need to trust our instinct and sometimes we just need to push ourselves over the edge and take a risk. Today, when most marriages end up in divorces and even more relationships hit the wall because one of the partner is just not committed enough to walk the altar, we have lost faith. This couple has been together all these months and I hope they go on to become happy grandparents.

Roma Rajpal

Roma Rajpal is a freelance editor based in Bonn.


17.08.2012 | 14:55