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An Iranian Girl from Balochistan © MEHR

An Iranian Girl from Balochistan © MEHR

Is it possible to be a Ph.D student at that age? Some reader asked that question when they read about the 15-year-old girl Sushma Verma. On the other hand, other readers congratulated her. Is your comment chosen for this week’s Comments of the Week? See here!


Annu Pankaj Kushwal We are proud of her
For Meet Sushma Verma! 15-Year-Old Girl is the youngest Ph.D Student in India


Sompoun Chan So wonderful when I watch this Video, it makes my heart melt.



Hemlata Karki Please tell us when did she start her elementary school. It is simply not possible to master at the age of 15 even if she attended her schooling from age 1 unless she got fast track promotion in each standard. Please give the details !!!
For Meet India’s youngest PhD student. She’s 15. (Facebook, August 3)


Muslim Women’s Voices Well – that can hardly be based on a realistic long-term study (smile emoticon)

For Having More Friends In Your Twenties Increases Your Well-Being Later In Life, Says Awesome New Study (Facebook, July 29)





A “crazy” woman is needed for a breakthrough

What is the number one criteria that makes a person suitable to be a minister? Does he or she have to have a university degree or any normal education in the field entrusted upon them by the president and the nation? If your answer is no, you might like the minister of marine affairs and fisheries in the Indonesian cabinet. (From November 18, 2014)

Kicking out stereotypes

They started off as a secret sports club. What brought them together was their shared love for football, a game they couldn’t dream of playing because of their conservative family backgrounds.  After all, how could young girls, who weren’t even allowed to step out of their homes without the hijab (veil), run around kicking ball in an open field? (From November 18, 2014)

Salma’s Story: Little Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision

A few months back Salma’s father had a paralysis attack so he was not able to make a living for the family. But Salma started selling snacks at the bus stop to support her family. Since then she has been working from dawn to dusk, and she takes her book with her to the bus stop. She sells snacks to the passengers and passersby during the day. When there are no customers around, she studies her books. (From May 22, 2015)




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