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@ Getty Images/M. Wilson

@ Getty Images/M. Wilson

Hillary Clinton got a lot of support in the last primary. On the other hand, some people have accused her of being pandering to Wall Street. Check out this story and other topics about women.


Hillary Clinton wins decisive victory over Bernie Sanders in New York primary

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is victorious, as Donald Trump sweeps to victory in the Republican race, reviving his hopes of winning the GOP nomination outright.

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Hillary Clinton Carries Ninja Squirrel Hot Sauce Everywhere

In a radio interview Monday morning, Hillary Clinton was asked to name something she carries with her everywhere she says. “Hot sauce.”

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Abducted Nigerian Girls Have Not Been Abandoned, U.S. Says

The American and African forces sent to Cameroon to fight Boko Haram have, on several occasions, located clusters of the schoolgirls kidnapped by the militant group two years ago, United States officials said.

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Meet the woman racing to save the planet

Nascar driver Leilani Münter is on a mission to convert America’s 75 million racing fans into vegan eco-warriors.

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“I have to be seen to be believed”: The hidden significance of the Queen’s colorful wardrobe

Today, the Queen stepped out in a bright spring ensemble to mark the start of her 90th birthday celebrations. Created by Angela Kelly, who has been the Queen’s personal dresser since 1994, the outfit would have been painstakingly planned. In a book released four years ago Kelly revealed that she sketches at least four different designs for a particular piece of fabric and that a fan is used to test how material will move in the breeze before the final creation is decided upon.

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In Her Majesty’s image: How The Queen has stayed stylish for 90 years

There are few individuals in the modern age who have come up with a sartorial signature that is world renowned and instantly recognizable. Jacqueline Kennedy and Margaret Thatcher managed it to some degree. But no one has done it with more success than HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

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Rihanna’s new Stance collection has reignited our obsession with socks

Is it a coincidence that Rihanna’s new Stance collection includes a selection of over-the-knee socks that would fit nicely into her thigh-high boots created for Manolo Blahnik? We think not.

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Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Grahame Lucas



Queen Elizabeth’s royal style

The queen in pink with a pink hat, the queen in blue with a blue hat, the queen in green with a green hat: that’s how we know her now. But was it always that way? Here’s a look back at her carefully planned style. (From April 21, 2016)

India’s UNFair obsession with the fair skin

It is an obsession that literally goes under the Indian society’s skin! “Don’t go out in the sun to play, you’ll turn into a dark-skinned witch and then nobody will marry you!” Sounds funny?! (From March 8, 2016)


26.04.2016 | 9:24