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Supershe Island: A retreat where superwomen unite to rejuvenate and network

Supershe island houses a retreat where women can focus on rejuvenating and connecting with other women, learning from each other and empowering each other – it is a space dedicated to women by a woman.

A few years ago, Kristina Roth, an American of German descent, sold her successful Seattle-based management consultancy and bought an island off the coast of Finland to create a space for what she calls the ‘Supershes’ of the world. DW WTO blogger Roma Rajpal Weiss spoke to Roth about her inspirations and challenges.

What inspired Supershe?

Women I met while traveling the world. It was a mutual source of inspiration, I felt inspired and I felt that I could inspire and that was something very powerful that I felt I needed to capture. That’s how Supershe was born.

What is a Supershe?

A Supershe is a woman who can make her own choices in life. That translates into emotional, financial and sexual freedom. It’s a framework that allows us to grow.

How does the screening of the applications work?

I read the majority of the applications. I like to read them and I read very inspiring stories and see that regardless of the background of the women writing, we all are inspired by the same things. This in itself is very reassuring and powerful at the same time. And yes, I have a team to help me to handle the high number of incoming applications.

Can you tell me some of the stories that stand out.

Stories also from warzones like Syria, women from North Korea or one woman from the deep Amazon stand out as inspirational for the fact that even from zones where there is war or political tension and not necessarily wifi (the lady wrote us before going back into the Amazonian forest) women are inspired by Supershe and want to be part of something bigger where they can inspire other women and be inspired by the community.

What happens to applicants that get rejected?

No one gets rejected. Anyone can be part of the Supershe community. But we can only extend invitations to 140 women per season and it’s not always an easy choice.

You are a role model for women. Where do you derive your energy?

I am an extrovert but I can also be introspective. I love “me time”. Sometimes this means kiting or snowboarding or just reading a book, cooking or really doing nothing. Self-care like yoga, sauna, massages facials etc. help to unwind and focus just on myself.

What would you tell women who dream of owning such an island one day?

That dreams can come true and I am a big believer in visualizing your dreams. Do not listen to naysayers! Listen to your own voice inside you and just execute on your dream.

Tell me more about setting up the Supershe resort.

Construction is a tough business on an island. Wearing the hat of investor, project manager, architect and part interior designer ( I also had one Supershe help me – a German designer – Bianka Laske from is not the easiest thing to do. So the role had highs and lows.


You can connect with the Supershes of the world here



08.08.2018 | 12:52