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First summit successes on Everest south side

South side of Mount Everest

The spell is broken. For the first time this spring, climbers have scaled the summit of Mount Everest also from the Nepalese south side of the mountain. An employee of the Ministry of Tourism informed from the Base Camp that today 14 climbers reached the highest point on 8,850 meters. The route is now secured up to the summit with fixed ropes. According to consistent reports three members of an expedition of the British Gurkha military brigade were among the successful climbers.

Hundreds are waiting for their summit chance

A first attempt by a Sherpa team to fix ropes up to the summit had failed last week due to bad weather. On the south side about 375 foreign mountaineers and as many local climbers await their summit chance. On the Tibetan north side, the first climbers of this spring season had already reached the highest point on Friday and Saturday. Some 170 climbers from abroad have got a climbing permit from the Chinese authorities.


15. May 2017 | 10:47