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Ueli Steck regains Eiger record

Steck on top of Eiger

Steck on top of Eiger

While I got footsore during my “Power pilgrimage for Nepal”, Ueli Steck “ran” fleet-footed through the Eiger North Face (look at the video below). “Speedy Ueli” climbed the Heckmair route – the way of the first ascender in 1938 – solo in just two hours and 22 minutes. Thus, the 39-year-old top climber from Switzerland regained the speed record in this legendary, 1800-meter-high wall that he had lost in 2011 to his compatriot Dani Arnold (2:28 hours). In 2008, Steck had climbed the wall in 2:47 hours. “I had a good track and good conditions”, Ueli said after his tour de force through the North Face adding that it was “a beautiful experience and a great day”.

Soon in less than two hours?

The new record holder remained modest. “Climbing is not a competition. There are so many other factors that count like conditions, temperature, weather”, Ueli said. “Being six minutes faster than Dani, I think, that’s nothing. That’s not a big step.” He expects that the Eiger North Face will be climbed in less than two hours very soon: “I think that’s possible under good conditions, but the athlete has to take quite a lot of risk.” That might sound as if he himself is not willing to risk so much. But you never know – until Ueli’s next coup.


21. November 2015 | 21:27