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Tomek’s comeback?

Tomek Mackiewicz

Tomek Mackiewicz

Will his “Never again Nanga Parbat” turn into a “Now more than ever”? The Pole Tomek Mackiewicz announced that he would return to the Base Camp on the Diamir side. After their summit attempt two weeks ago, that had failed at an altitude of about 7,300 m, Tomek and his French team partner Elisabeth Revol had departed. Mackiewicz had said in an interview that after his seventh faild attempt he would definitely not try again to climb the ninth highest mountain in the world for the first time in winter and that he would perhaps even say finally good-bye to the Himalayas and the Karakoram.

A Tumbler

Some recovery days later that sounds quite different: “There is still a chance and I’m super acclimatized” Tomek wrote from the town of Chilas, located on the river Indus, nearly 50 kilometers from Nanga Parbat. Mackiewicz doesn’t clarify what exactly he is planning: “Secretly 🙂 “ The Polish “ice warrior” (thus Polish winter climbers on the highest mountains in the world have been called for decades) apparently has regained his motivation. However, he has not enough Money. Tomek launched a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of collecting the equivalent of around 25,000 euros.

“Good communication”

Meanwhile in Base Camp on the Diamir side, Italian Daniele Nardi has denied that there are unbridgeable differences between him and the Spaniard Alex Txikon. “We have a good communication”, Daniele wrote on Facebook. He recalled that he had been on expedition with Alex already four times and that they together had reached an altitude of 7,830 meters on Nanga Parbat in 2015: “This year, I have considered him to be more than just a partner”, said Nardi. “We will find the best solution.”

Today a big avalanche swept down the Diamir slopes of Nanga Parbat. Watch the video that Simone Moro made:


4. February 2016 | 16:55