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First summit successes on Manaslu and Cho Oyu

Manaslu in Nepal

Manaslu in Nepal

That has little to do with a lonely mountain experience. It’s more like a rolling wave. The first summit successes of this fall season are reported from the eight-thousanders Manaslu and Cho Oyu. Citing Mingma Sherpa, head of the expedition operator Seven Summit Treks, the Kathmandu based newspaper “The Himalayan Times” reports, that at least 30 climbers reached the 8163-meter-high summit only until 9 a.m. on Friday morning. At this time more than 50 others were still on the way to the highest point.

Guess what

Queue on Cho Oyu

Queue on Cho Oyu

A long queue towards the summit formed also on Cho Oyu, as a picture taken by American Adrian Ballinger shows (see right). “Guess what? We are on summit!”, American Daniel Mazur, head of the operator Summit Climb tweeted. In addition, Adventure Consultants reported  that three climbers of their team had reached the highest point.

Adrian Ballinger and his team partner Emily Harrington want to climb – performing their “as-fast-as-possible-there-and-back” expedition – to the 8188-meter-high summit on Saturday. That’s what German Billi Bierling is planning too. If she is successful, Cho Oyu will be her fifth eight-thousander.

Update 2 p.m.: According to the Himalayan Times at least 20 climbers have reached the summit of Cho Oyu – and at least 60 stood on top of Manaslu.


30. September 2016 | 11:50