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Ranty Islam | COP16

GI reports screened at Cancun film festival

Three GLOBAL IDEAS video reports were selected for screening at the Development and Climate Days Annual Film Festival on December 4th and 5th in Cancun, Mexico. You can check them out here:

Green Energy in Guyana

Green Energy in Guyana Deforestation is rampant in many countries with rainforests being cleared for industry and agriculture and the mining of natural resources. Guyana is trying a different approach thanks to the government's Low Carbon Development Strategy. It's a revolutionary scheme, which aims to transform Guyana's economy while combating climate change. The plan is to have the international community recognize the financial value of the rainforests and pay compensation for their conservation. The UN has yet to approve it.

Eco-Cooling in Swaziland

Green Energy in Guyana Swaziland, a small kingdom in southern Africa, is one of the poorest regions in the world. Most residents depend on farming and cattle grazing for their livelihood. Only a few own cars. They aren't responsible for climate change but Swaziland has been hard hit by the consequences – rising temperatures and drought. Appliances that keep food and medicines cool are hugely important. One of the few factories in the country now produces refrigerators and freezers in an environmentally-friendly way. And the appliances are powered by solar energy.

Energy for the Andes

Green Energy in Guyana Many villages in the remote northern highlands of Peru are not connected to the electricity grid. Alternative energy sources are proving a big help. The aid organization "Soluciones Practicas" has installed micro wind turbines in many villages in the Cajamarca region that provide several thousand people with a daily electricity supply. It's helping boost their educational chances, improve communication and facilitate the setting up of businesses. The NGO is hoping to expand in South America.


December 6, 2010



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