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“Something in the way she moves” – Unveiling the Secret of a Confident Woman

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Have you ever seen a woman who attracts everybody’s attention when she is walking on the street? She does not wear a sexy dress. She is not remarkably pretty, and she does not look perfect or walk like a model either. But she has something in the way she moves. The Beatles even dedicated a song to this “something” that a woman has. Well, guess what, every woman can have it. Here are my suggestions.

Do the homework

Find out what is good for your body and your spirit, and pay attention to it every day. If you need to work out, do it. Eat healthy food. Some food can improve your mood, for example chocolate. So you might want to try that, too, but keep it healthy. Find out what you like to do, and do it. Do it with friends if it improves your motivation. Make plans for every day and fill the day with activities which are useful. At the end of the day you will feel good about yourself because you have done something or maybe even achieved something.

Know yourself and own it

When you know what you like and what you good at, you have a good picture of your ability. You also have to know your limits, so you can be realistic in your planning. But this is only a part of who you are. Pay attention to your value and your personality too. Are you the kind of person that you want to be? If you have to work at it, do it, and remember that you want to be a better person. After you do the work, accept yourself and own it. Before you know it, you might bring values into somebody else’s life. And that would definitely boost your confidence.

Know that you are unique

Nobody on this planet has the combination of your attributes and qualities. Only you have the combination of your looks, your talents, your personality, your humor, your beliefs, your experiences, etc. Only you have all this. And what makes it rare also makes it beautiful. It brings me to the next point.

Do not compare yourself with anybody

Since you are unique, you cannot actually compare yourself with anybody. On the other hand, it can happen very easily. As a woman we are easily tempted to compare ourselves with other women. Maybe there is someone who has a better body, or someone who is younger, or someone who is more intelligent, etc. But that is only one aspect of who we are. If we only compare one aspect of our lives, the chances are that we will sabotage our own self-confidence. So do not forget that we are our own unique combination.

Know that you are an attractive, high-value woman

Since you know your value, you know how good you are. And since you know that you are unique, you know how attractive you are. Always live in this awareness. Carry it around with you without being haughty, and use it instead for something good.

You do not ultimately care whether other people like you

It is normal to want other people to like us. But that should not be our main purpose in life because we might change our opinion and give up our values if we want it so much. And that would mean losing our confidence. When other people really like us, they would like us the way we are. So be yourself, and you will attract people who really like you.

You can express your vulnerability because you are truly strong

Having strength is a good thing. But only a truly confident and strong person is not afraid of expressing his insecurities, whereas an insecure person always tries to hide the insecurities or overcompensate for them. So do not be afraid of expressing your vulnerability. It might even win you more friends.

Remember the song by The Beatles about “something” in the way an attractive woman moves? Here is another quotation from a poem: “For poise, walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone.” (Time Tested Beauty Tips by Sam Levenson)

Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Grahame Lucas


09.12.2014 | 14:12


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