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Copyright: picture-alliance/dpa/Roessler

Copyright: picture-alliance/dpa/Roessler

A brave young woman died because she protected two girls being harassed. Her name is Tugce Albayrak. Read more on women’s themes that made it to the headlines. And if you think we missed something important, tell us through your comments!

Mourners attend funeral of courageous Tugce

A memorial has taken place for student Tugce Albayrak, who was killed in a brutal assault after she protected two girls being harassed. Thousands of people turned out to remember and honor her. Watch it here!


Turkish PM Davutoglu: Gender equality rights lead to suicide

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says that gender equality in developed countries leads to higher suicide rates. Using the term “mechanical equality,” he also believes it is beginning to “destroy the complementary relationship in life.” Read more here!


German prize for Somali women’s rights activist

Fartuun Adan has spent decades campaigning for the rights of traumatized women in war-torn Somalia. Germany’s Friedrich Ebert Foundation is awarding her its Human Rights Prize. Read more here!


For younger women daily aspirin might be harmful

For healthy women, regularly taking low doses of aspirin may cause more harm than good, a new study suggests. But as women get older, the balance between aspirin’s benefits and risks seems to shift, researchers said. Read more in LifeScience!


HRW: Mentally ill women in India “locked up and abused”

Involuntary treatment, unsanitary conditions – a new HRW report claims women with disabilities in India are forced into mental hospitals and abused. Some even risk physical and sexual violence, as Kriti Sharma from HRW tells DW. Read more here!


Author: Marjory Linardy

Editor: Grahame Lucas



17.12.2014 | 9:57