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Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi became the symbol of refugees’ plight. His little body found on a beach has moved many people to start giving help and support for refugees. On the other hand Charlie Hebdo’s caricature that depicts Aylan Kurdi triggered sharp criticism against the satirical French magazine. Read the comments here!

Dianne Harris That was a blessing for them again, praying for both of you (Facebook, September 22)
Ban Hikmat True real love we rarely find nowadays (Facebook, September 21)
Sana Imi It’s nice seeing this inspires u that it’s never too late it’s hard when people don’t have faith in you and you notice u start believing it yourself my advice is don’t let anyone lower your self esteem and do what u need to do to make you happy. (Facebook, September 20)
Jim Lloyd Only a brainless moron would draw caricatures of such a tragedy… whoever did them… along with the editor should be locked up. (Facebook, September 20)
Nyemba M’membe common sense is not common….who would even think it sensible to do that? would it make sense to make fun of WW2 events? would you laugh? (Facebook, September 20)
MsMr DawnLarry Wegger “For human beings, support from loved ones and physical touch are both very, very important, and especially so when things get stressful.” Important for everyone so Fathers and Sons as well. (Facebook, September 19)
Jim Lloyd Child marriages should be a thing of the past. The laws are in place and only when the government finds the guts to enforce them will these girls have the chance to enjoy a proper childhood. (Facebook, September 18)

Dreaming of a better future

As thousands of refugees keep ariving in Germany, the DW takes a look at women who undertake the long and arduous journey from their home in Syria to Europe. Many of them carry their babies or small children with them. (From September 21, 2015)

What’s age got to do with love and desire

In this excerpt from “The Love Diet,” published by Random House, Shonaali Sabherwal, chef and instructor in macrobiotics, reveals the secrets of keeping the chemistry alive at an age when women are fighting menopause and lower testosterone levels are bumming out men. “I don’t think about ageing. I have those moments of panic and vanity. But life keeps getting better, so you can’t worry about it too much.” – Jennifer Garner (From July 8, 2014)

On the road with Kigali’s only female mototaxi driver

Motorcycle taxis are the main mode of transportation in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali – Claudine Nyanamajambere is the only woman to drive a “moto.” DW portrays the woman who’s found her place in this male-dominated Domain. (From March 19, 2015) 


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