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Germany’s youngest starred female chef

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28-year-old Julia Komp is a rising star in Germany’s culinary scene. She’s head chef of the restaurant in Loersfeld Castle – and the youngest German female chef to be awarded a Michelin star.

Report: Regina Niedenzu



The world’s best female chef

Hélène Darroze discovered her love of cooking at an early age. Now she runs two restaurants, has two Michelin stars and has been proclaimed best female chef of the year by a British magazine. What’s her secret? (From November 7, 2015)

‘We need better training for women in tourism’

One in 10 jobs on the planet is linked to tourism, according to an industry body. Can tourism improve the living standards of women, or the environment? DW spoke to Jane Ashton, director of sustainability at TUI Group. (From July 1, 2017)

“Talent has no boundaries”

Women have always featured in the news, at times as commodities, sometimes as art. But it is still rare for an immigrant woman to become the talk of the town for her entrepreneurial debut and leadership skills. (From May 16, 2017)


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